How Your Garage Door Opener Works

The garage door opener is where the motor is stored and this is what enables the doors to open, while the springs hold the door in its position. The springs have the power, which makes it possible for the doors to actually raise up. The opener is sometimes considered the heart of the door. This is because, without it, it will be impossible for the door to open. Well, you could open the door manually but this would be a bit of a pain after a while and this is why so many people have automatic garage door openers installed. Since they are so important, it makes sense to know a little bit about how they function. It is our aim to make sure you are aware of what every important feature of your garage door functions in order for you to remain safe from potential harm. Allow Goodyear Garage Door Repair in Goodyear, AZ show you how you benefit from your garage door opener.

What is the Garage Door Opener

This piece of equipment holds the power to your entire garage. It is usually attached just above the entrance of your garage door. The trolley situated just above the opening, will move back and forth in order for the door to open and close. Once the motor begins working, the trolley will glide along a track by way of a belt. Whenever you experience a power outage, you are able to pull on the release lever to disengage the door. This makes it possible for you to manually open the garage door. The opener has a predetermined amount of times that you will be permitted to opening and closing the door with the use of your opener. Once the cycles are done, the garage door opener will need to be replaced. While the garage door opener is located at the front o f your garage door, the power unit is situated in the rear of your garage.

Keep This in Mind……

  1. Remember that the garage door is usually the heaviest moving part you have in your home. Whenever the opener is not correctly adjusted, the force could be so strong that it might be difficult for the reverse mechanism to work when an emergency occurs.
  2. If a technician has inspected your garage door and advice you that the springs need to be counterbalanced, this is because if they are not, the reverse safety system will not work.
  3. Header brackets need to be secured to the garage wall. If they are not, the reverse system might not operate in an emergency situation.
  4. Ask one of our service technicians to show you where the emergency release button is located in your garage. Learn in which instances this feature should be used.
  5. If your springs are worn, have them repaired and avoid the possibility of them breaking.

It is extremely important to your safety and security that you rely on the services of a professional garage door service to install your garage door opener. This is to ensure that the opener will work properly. A professional garage door service will also know the type of garage door opener best suited for your needs. They will find out about your lifestyle and determine the best garage door opener for you and your household. Your garage door opener will need to be evaluated annually. In fact, we recommend that you have your entire garage door evaluated annually. When maintenance is performed on your garage door, you’ll have the added benefit of them checking your garage door opener to ensure that all of its features are working properly, especially the safety features. When they conduct maintenance on your garage door opener they will also repair, lubricate and adjust the parts of your garage door opener. Doing these things keeps you safe and helps you save money in the long run. When your garage door opener remains in good condition, it saves you money on more expensive repairs later.

You’ll be able to choose from several types of garage door openers, which include:

  1. Chain Drive

It is the chain drive that is the most common of all of the garage door openers. It is efficient and affordable. It uses a metal trolley to lift your door. The only problem people complain about is the level of noise when the door is in use.

  1. Belt Drives

This is by far the most economical of the automatic openers and offers the least amount of noise. It has a rubber belt to lift the door instead of a metal. It has fewer moving parts, which helps to minimize your chances of being harmed.

  1. Screw Drive

This is the most expensive type of garage door opener. The screw drive opener doesn’t have many moving parts and requires minimum maintenance. Since the tracks are lined with plastic, it is also less noisy than the chain drive garage door opener.

The only way to ensure that you have the right type of opener is to take your time to understand a little bit about the different types and the benefits they offer to you. You can find the right one suited for your needs and your budgets with the help of a qualified sales associate. If you want to make sure the job is performed right the first time around and that you do not have to have the job redone again, make sure you get it right the first time around. Rather than handling something this important yourself, call on Goodyear Garage Door Repair where we have a team of qualified and committed service technicians. They will take the time to make sure you know what you are getting and how the type of garage door opener you choose to have installed can benefit you the most. Get the quality of service that you deserve by relying on the services of a reputable and reliable garage door service in Goodyear, AZ.

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