Mold is NOT your friend. The last thing you want growing inside your garage is mold spores. These tiny microorganisms can cause illness, disability and even death. The purpose of this post is to inform you; not scare you. Our Goodyear Garage Door Repair shop wants you to be aware of mold in your garage just in case you happen to find it. Now, you’ll know what you can do about mold spores and how to eliminate them and keep them from coming back!

Mold in Arizona?

Mold spores are typically associated with dark, humid places. If you associate mold spore growth with areas of the country you would probably think of Florida or North Carolina. These areas are home to lots of rainfall, humidity and water. While that certainly does not sound like Goodyear, AZ it is still possible for mold to grow in your home, place of work or at your business. Also, when we think of mold spores, the image of a bathroom or dank basement comes to mind. This is why it’s good to know about garage mold. It happens to grow locally more often than you might think.

Mold proofing your newly built garage

Are you having a new home built? Whether you are acting as your own contractor or having it built by others, you can take part in making it mold proof. While no methods are guaranteed to work 100% of the time, you can drastically cut down on the incidents of mold growth by using building materials that don’t encourage mold growth. Metal studs in place of wooden ones, is a good place to start. Also consider using aluminum or vinyl siding for the walls in place of wood. Talk to your builder and tell him your concerns about mold and that you would like to make your residence as mold-proof as possible, including your garage.

What if your garage is already built?

No worries; there are plenty of things that you can do to your Goodyear, AZ garage to make it less susceptible to mold growth. You can start by keeping your interior garage air as dry as possible. This is usually the case in summer months but sometimes in fall and winter periods, you might have to use fans or leave your garage door open at times to dry out your garage door air. Remember; the goal is NOT to have your garage airtight; it should always be well ventilated; just not moist. In some parts of the country where air is more humid, we recommend using dehumidifiers to remove much of the moisture from the garage interior.

Leaky garage roof

Does your garage roof or ceiling leak? Even if it is low humidity outside, if your garage roof has a hole or crack in it and water leaks inside, it can create a moist and wet environment that is very conducive to mold growth. You can more easily notice a leaky roof right after a rain so be vigilant and get your home’s garage roof repaired if needed!

Actual mold removal

Do you already have mold in your garage? If so, it’s high time to remove it. Mold removal is like cancer removal; you never strive for most – you want to get it ALL removed! Bleach works wonders for mold growth on garage floors, walls or doors. You’ll find that mold loves porous material. In your garage, this might be drywall, wood or concrete. All are porous and all can harbor mold spores, so keep an eye out!

Goodyear Garage Door Repair recommends a ratio of one part bleach to four parts water. You can use this mixture to clean your walls, floors and other surfaces. Are your garage walls unfinished drywall? For these just spray the mixture on the surface directly and let it soak in. For the finished drywall or surfaces like wood, concrete or vinyl, make sure that you wear gloves and scrub your surfaces with a scrub brush or a sponge. Remember to scrub your garage door itself and not just the walls and floor. Also remember to do this with the garage door open and be sure to wear a respirator, too.

Do I have to use bleach?

No; if you want, you can use a bleach alternative. Many of our Goodyear, AZ customers use vinegar instead. Be sure to change the proportions to one part vinegar, to one part water. For stronger solution, add one tablespoon dishwashing detergent for every quart made. Be sure and use the white vinegar for this and NOT the apple cider version.

Another mold removal solution is to use denatured alcohol. Be sure and use full strength and not diluted. Feel free to spray it directly on the mold or wipe the infected area with a sponge that has been soaked or dipped in the alcohol. Again, don’t forget to keep your garage door open when you clean mold using these methods. If you are doing this during cold winter times, use a space heater or dehumidifier to remove any available moisture in the air.

Be on the lookout for….

Cars driving into garages can track in outside water, snow and moisture. So can skateboards, bicycles, shoes and even lawn mowers. Water heaters can leak or even burst, and so can water softeners. Outside rain and water from sprinklers can also leak in if the seal on the bottom of the garage door is not tight.

Do you store cardboard boxes in your garage? Many use their garage as a kind of attic and store old clothes, furniture, collectibles, magazines, newspapers, books and other items there. Both mold and insects love this material and can thrive and grow there. It’s worth a trip to The Container Store or to Target to buy plastic tubs with lids that seal. This not only keeps your goods safer from mold but also protected from moisture, humidity and insects.

Stop mold from growing and remove it as soon as you notice its presence. Full-blown mold remediation can be stressful, expensive, and time consuming, so nip mold in the bud now!

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