Reasons to Replace Your Old Garage Door Opener

When it comes to old and outdated clothes, old becomes new again, eventually. This is not always the case when it comes to technology. Technology moves forward and doesn’t go back. It is forward moving. In terms in a garage door opener, it they have come a long way since they were first introduced. Garage doors didn’t always come with an automatic door opener. Older garage doors had to be opened manually. When you have a garage door with a garage door opener, the one you have might just be obsolete. Prior to 1993, garage door openers lacked a lot of the needed security features that they have today. While we don’t see many openers this old, there are still some garage door openers that do not have the necessary safety features and therefore, you and your loved ones safety can be in jeopardy. You might want to know just how you are capable of determining if your opener need s to be replaced or not.

Is It Necessary to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

On average, a garage door opener will have a cycle of about 1500 cycles per year. Many households with more than 1 driver experience far more cycles on average. Sometimes when a garage door opener has run its course, it will give you a notification. In some instances; there is never a warning, it just stops working.

If you want to ensure that you garage door will last for a long time, you have to do your part to ensure that it does. You can do this by always being alert to the dangers that lurk around your garage door. This calls for homeowners to keep an eye on what is happening inside their garage.

Reasons to Replace a Garage Door Opener

If you have a garage door opener that was made and installed before 1993, you are long overdue. In 1993, the Consumer Product Safety Commission established new rules for automatic residential garage door openers. This ruling requires every garage door manufactured after the ruling to have a safety mechanism that would automatically reverse the garage door if anything were in its path. Prior to the ruling, pets and children would get trapped and often hurt due to the weight of the door. This is no longer a problem for most homeowners who have a newer model garage door opener. If you have both children and pets, this is one of the many ways to keep them safe, replace your old garage door opener today. With the new feature, there is a sensor on both sides of your garage door. When you are closing the door, if anything is detected in its path, the door will automatically reverse.

Noises from Your Garage

Over time you might notice that your garage door opener is noisy. This can be a real problem for you and your neighbors. If you’re garage door opener is making noises, you may have ignored them for so long that you don’t even notice it anymore. If you have an older model garage door opener, you will notice that it is particularly larger and far louder than newer models. The ones designed today use quieter components. Be kind to those around you by considering replacing a noisy garage door opener.

Home Security

There were very few safety features on older garage door openers. There were fixed codes, which were easy for a burglar or thief to steal. This was performed using radio frequency identifiers, which gave them immediate access inside your home. With the advances in technology, newer models use the new advances rolling code technology. This enables the code to be switched every time it is opened. The rolling code system has helped prevent many break-ins and offer maximum security. If you still have an older opener, even if it works perfectly find and you haven’t had any issues, it would still be a good idea to review its safety features.

Battery Backup

This feature proves beneficial during a power outage. If you need to get your car out of the garage during a power outage, you will be able to do this since newer model garage door openers have a battery backup feature. It is capable of opening and closing your door several times with the backup feature. Although you might not use it often, it is nice to know that it exists. Older openers do not have this type of feature. Prior to now, there was a latch on the front of the door that you could use to manually open the door. The problem with this is that sometimes the door would get stuck and almost impossible to open when you need it.

Exterior Keypad

An older garage door opener was manually operated. If you wanted to open your door from outside, you need to use a key. With newer openers, they come equipped with keypads that can be installed on the outside of the garage door. All that is required to gain access is a programmable code. With this code, you’re also able to give access to other people. This is convenient because they do not have to have your remote in order to gain access.

There is no doubt that garage door openers have come a long way. However, just note that if you’re interested in having a new garage door opener installed, choose a reputable garage door service in Goodyear, AZ, such as, Goodyear Garage Door Repair, to handle the job. Your primary reason for updating your garage door opener should be for the safety and security of you and your loved ones. Offering you a greater measure of convenience should be secondary to your safety. Whatever reason you decide to have a new garage door opener installed, just make sure the job is done right or else it is in vein that you even consider replacing your opener. You will have several garage door options to choose from so choose wisely.

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